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Sports Animes + Their Shorties
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i’ll be honest here at first i was like hell yeah me too but then i was like oh no but still me too

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Inashiro’s a team with a bunch of all stars like you guys right?  So… I want to face you as an opponent

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Haruchi’s one eye

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Prompt #17 - “some more papa kuramochi and chibi eijun shenanigans??" from anonymous

More of Papa!Mochi and Baby!Eijun as everyone has been asking! I hope I did well enough to satisfy for now—But some of my other ideas I either shaved off this set, or all together moved them to the next set. Hopefully you guys won’t have to wait as long for that one, considering the next one involving this AU is prompt #18. So stay tuned?

Also, I know you asked for more shenanigans, but I feel like we didn’t get enough of Mochi in this one? OTL (I wanted to bring in more Seidou players while I have the chance)

Also, I think some people are confused about Mochi’s age in this, and to be honest, I didn’t think too hard about it; wanting people to make their own headcanons for this AU. But if I were to be asked, Mochi is basically in his early twenties in these ones. (Prolly had Eijun when he was 17-18.)

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Miyuki’s smiles around Chris dedicated to gusty-stuff

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"Let’s play our baseball until the end"

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We have two batters in the front who can disrupt the opponent

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I’m going to express all my emotions this way from now on.

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Otomedia Scan

credit : -Sa星人-

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